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Welcome to the new school year at Dew ISD!!!

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to a very, very special school. We strive for a family atmosphere and a spirit of teamwork with all stakeholders.

I would like to start the year by sharing with you some new developments at Dew and remind you of some ongoing issues to be aware of as we go forward together during this school year.

Phones have been installed in all classrooms and offices at Dew ISD. You will still use the same number to reach school, 903.389.2828, but now Mrs. Sifford or whoever is at the front desk can contact the classroom or office to which you need to speak. Obviously, we will not be disturbing teachers during class time unless it is an emergency. You will however, be able to leave a voice mail on the teacher’s phone. We believe this will aid in communication and safety for all.
Student Phones Students are still allowed to bring their phones to school. However, they must be turned off and out of view during school hours. Student phones that are heard, or seen, will be confiscated and turned in to the office, where a parent or the student may collect them at the end of the day. As always, any parent that needs to contact their student may do so through the office.
PRE K Parents: Through a grant from the state, all pre K students can eat breakfast and lunch for FREE. This does not reflect on anyone’s socioeconomic status. I hope all of these students will take advantage of this program and start their day with a nutritious meal and also have a great lunch.
Daily start and ending times. The building will be open beginning at 7:15A. We ask that students not arrive before that time. The students’ school day ends at 3:29P. Please be timely in picking up your student from the appropriate car line. PK-3 grade will be picked up in front of the building, with second and third grades at the library and PK-1 at the front entrance. Fourth through eighth grade car riders will be picked up in the back.
IMPORTANT: If you are not able to pick up your child by 3:45P, they will be placed in After School Care and you will be charged $7. We ask that you call school, 903.389.2828, if this is ever the case and let us know.
Junior High Math. This year we are splitting seventh and eighth grades in to two sections. There will be a regular math section for each grade and an advanced section for each grade. The regular math section will go at a regular pace and cover each of the Texas Education Knowledge and Skills objectives as prescribed by the state school board. The advanced section will move at more rapid pace while covering the same TEKS and will be more rigorous, as well. Placing will be based on STAAR scores, attitude, work ethic, etc.

Please give me a call at school, if you have questions about any of these items or anything else regarding the education of your student.

Mr. Evans
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