Red Ribbon Week Oct 23-27

Monday, Oct. 23
• Drugs are Dum and we are “Red”-y to Live Drug Free –
o Wear Red and pass out Dum Dum Suckers
• Sign drug pledge to put in balloons
Tuesday, Oct. 24
• Be a Lifesaver and team up against Drugs
o Wear your favorite team jersey or shirt & pass out lifesavers
• Have Tug o War during PE or Athletics
Wednesday, Oct. 25
• Too Smart To Start…
o Dress like a Nerd and give out Smarties & Nerds
• 1:30 - Magic Show Assembly (The Right Choices with Rodney Rash)
• Balloon Release after Magic Show Assembly
Thursday, Oct. 26
• Don’t Be an Air Head…My Future is Bright and Drug Free
o Wear Neon or bright colored clothes and pass out Air Heads
• Glow in the dark party – Jr. High during last period
Friday, Oct. 27
• I’d Rather Eat Bugs Than Do Drugs
o Wear your Halloween Costumes
• 2:30 - Parade
• Drug Free Pep Rally right after parade