Dew ISD will be closed tomorrow, Feb. 9th and Friday Feb. 10th

Dear Dew ISD Parent/Guardian:

Because our attendance at school has reached twenty percent of our total school membership and our most important goal is to keep all of our students healthy, we have decided to cancel school on Thursday, February 9th and Friday, February 10th.


The cancelling of school will allow two very important things to happen:

  1. It will give students that are already sick time to heal and those that are not sick will not be exposed to those that are.
  2. Our custodial staff will continue to disinfect classrooms and offices, as well as give a deep cleaning to shared areas of the school, i.e., bathrooms, water fountains, etc.


If you would like more information, you may access the following sites:


            Texas Health Department   

            US Center for Disease Control  


Because, we have excess days in our calendar, we will not have to use bad weather days unless we have dangerous winter conditions that will not allow us to come to school.


Thank you,

Darrell R. Evans

Darrell R. Evans